Appalachian State Redux: The Good And Bad Of Beating Michigan

When Appalachian State beat Michigan to start the season,I wrote that Appalachian State could potentially come out a loser because it would have a hard time finding Division I-A opponents to play them and pay them.

Well, now Appalachian State is three-time champions of the Football Subdivision, I'm checking back in. With attendance at games doubling and the school doing $10 million in retail sales in merchandise, it looks like a no-brainer that the Michigan win was good for the school right?

Well, the doubling of ticket sales I figure is worth $1.5 million. And that $10 million in retail sales, I figure is worth $400,000 in royalties to the program. Throw in concessions and some other items and we'll say that App State is up $2.5 million this year.

But the problem I was talking about has reared its ugly head. According an article by Stewart Mandel at, App State has two openings in its non-conference schedule for 2008 and is having trouble finding someone. Discussions went south with both Florida State and North Carolina, who chose easier opponents. If no big school signs up to play them and pay them-- even at their house--this could be a problem for the team.

Player Denials
Lot of players admitting to using performance-enhancing drugs after their names appeared on the Mitchell Report. For those that deny and were given up by Mets clubhouse guy Kirk Radomski, I thought of a simple two word answer: That's Radomskulous!

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