Trade Options 'Like an Insider' (Legally)

You can legally trade options "like an insider" -- if you stay alert and watch market momentum. Jon Najarian, co-founder of and frequent guest on CNBC's "Fast Money," offered his wisdom on how to play -- and which options look the hottest right now.

Najarian said options buyers are constantly "catching falling knives" and risking downward stock movement to seize opportunities. One tip-off for investors: "Watch unusual buying going into the weekend."

Najarian noted interest in biotechnology firm Amgen, with traders "buying aggressively for an April timeframe."

He named AFML, a Netherlands-based chip maker, which has seen heavy put options -- for both January and April.

He likes Newmont Mining, an "aggressive buy" at a March call strike. The gold miner's stock has dropped $10 and "the dollar rally hurt them," he noted -- making for opportunity.