See What People Are Saying On Dec. 18th


In case you missed it Ms. Yamada's chart of yesterday showed that the end is far far away for the Financials.... look out below, interest rates are going back to 1%.

Best of luck!

-- William E.


In case William's e-mail has left you a little confused, he's referring to a segment from Monday's Fast Money featuring technical analyst, Louise Yamada. If you'd like to read more the link is below.

-- Lee Brodie

Read more: "Chartology: Concern & Caution In '08"

If the government (et all ) are so worried about the consumer running out of spending money, why don't they give tax breaks to the lower tax brackets instead of the upper brackets? The lower tax brackets will immediately spend the money. The guy in the upper tax bracket will stick it in a money market fund.

-- Richard F. from New York


Interesting point that Richard makes. Of course, you could argue once it's in the money market fund... what does the bank do with it??????

-- Lee Brodie

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