Verizon: Safety and Growth in One

Verizon Communications offers investors both a haven and a little bit of growth, Cramer said during Stop Trading! Tuesday.

Shareholders were confident despite the last two harrowing days in the market, he said, because Verizon has "gotten control over its own business."

In a market "too awful not to have a dividend," Cramer said he likes Verizon for its good yield. And while Comcast may be struggling, VZ has a "great footprint for many years." (Don't miss Cramer's interview with Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg tonight on Mad Money!)

Goldman Sachs' stock has been selling off since the company reported fourth-quarter earnings, but Cramer said traders should be buying, especially because Goldman is buying back stock while others are offering stock to raise money. "You don't even need the Fed with these guys," Cramer said. He predicted Goldman's 2008 earnings will reach $30 a share.

Best Buy, too, reported strong numbers, but Cramer recommended waiting to buy until rival Circuit City reports Friday. He said he expects Circuit City to have to close stores and admit it just can't compete with Best Buy. "I can't find a reason to own Circuit City," Cramer said. "It is the ultimate value trap." Best Buy, on the other hand, is "just smoking."

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