Ron Paul: Okay, He's Got My Email Address

It's been a while since I've had the chance to go through your emails, but here's a look at what I've gotten lately.

Ron Paul

It's no surprise that the Ron Paul "faithful" continue to send in lots of comments in regards to their candidate. I'm guessing here, but almost 95 percent of my inbox is full of Ron Paul emails. I'm even on Mr. Paul's email list, getting the "let's go" blasts that he sends to his supporters.

I'm not going to post all the Ron Paul content, but here's a couple of good examples of what I've received. As you'll read, they take me to task for not "believing" in Mr. Paul as a legitimate candidate.

From Mike A:
"I disagree with you that Dr. Paul has zero chance to win. I believe if Dr. Paul gets his message out he will have a zero chance of losing. Further I believe you are not framing the movement correctly. This is not about an election. Our movement will continue despite the outcome of the election. We are here. We are not going away until we take our country back. It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in peoples mind."

And from Ed:
"He is the only electable GOP candidate. We will write him in if he's not nominated. The GOP will loose. They are already loosing creditability with the masses by supporting the RudyMcRomney's. Hide and watch. You have been forewarned."

And there are STILL some emails trickling in about the decision to pull down our first Ron Paul poll by managing editor Allen Wastler. Most of those were against the decision as you can see in this email from Larry:

"Hi Allen Wastler, you are much to smart of a man to make us believe you don't know about IP addresses and how easy it is for your IT department to check to see if it's been hacked or if it was legitimate people from all over the U.S. standing up for what they believe to be the case. If it had been a hack your IT dept would have that data in the server log and could of screen shot the issue, purely the area showing the effected data, date and time, you would then explain about the investigation especially if you've been hacked.

But none of this has happened, were expected to believe that your company was hacked, data was changed and you do nothing to investigate. That's laughable, and I've forwarded this page to my very large network of friends. The truth will get out, and if you want to persist on lying to the world. We will continue to call you out, and eventually nobody will watch your news shows for they spread nothing but lies. We have more than enough resources now with the NEW MEDIA (INTERNET) and plenty of people covering the same stuff you guys do not care if it came down to not watching your shows."

And from Deidre:
"I have been a democrat all my life, but recently registered as a republican. You might wonder why? According to your recent blog, "GOP Debate: Who Won, Who Lost?", some might think it's because of men like Huckabee, McCain, Romney, or Guiliani that I switched parties.

It's because of Ron Paul, a man your employer as well as other news media ignores until his supporters "flood" your unscientific polls. What I want to know is why would a media giant scold passionate supporters of a political candidate rather than asking why these people felt compelled to do."

Obvioulsy, Mr. Paul has touched a "nerve" in a lot of people as I've found out.

Moving forward, the big story for me in 2008 will be the November elections--and I hope to hear from you as we go along. So, thanks to you all for writing in and keep the emails coming. Let me know your thoughts at

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