WGA East To Jane Wells: We're Not Chopped Liver, You Know

Writers Guild of America
Writers Guild of America

, Patric Verrone, was posted in the nightly press release from the AMPTP! After that release went out, I heard from the WGA East in a New York second. Why, the WGAE asked, hadn't I requested an interview with its President, Michael Winship? He would happily accommodate me.

Well, I didn't ask him because I'm in Los Angeles, where the greatest impact of the strike is being felt, and where the WGA West is headquartered, and because Patric Verrone is the face of the union here.

But, yes, for the record, I did not approach the East Coast division and I wanted to make that clear.

"CHOPPED LIVER" UPDATE: Meantime Patric Verrone called me from his sick bed and apologized for the confusion. I do hope to have him on soon. And still hoping AMPTP head Nick Counter will find time for a live interview. I guess we have what you call a cliffhanger, and with no new scripts coming in, this is what passes for drama these days.

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