How to Get Noticed In The Media… For Free

By Paul Toscano,

During the conversation with Bug Labs, Dr. Doug made a comment that didn’t exactly sit well with Desiree Gruber. The comment centered around the human story behind how Bug Labs originally came to be: When Peter saw his son playing with Legos, he thought the same basic principle could be used with new-age technology. It is an endearing story that many people can relate to – they have kids, they are familiar with the simple brick toy, and it’s a simple enough “Aha!” moment that anyone could envision themselves experiencing.

And that’s why Bug Labs’ life in the world of PR has the potential to be so successful. It’s not an unbelievable story, but instead it’s a normal, every day experience that led to amazing things. “When people want to get into the media, they tend to want to look smart and cool… but the truth is that the media is looking for the story behind the product… people want a story that they can relate to.” Desiree said in an interview after the show. “People get so caught up with their image their be held on high, but people still need to get a glimpse of why [the business] is successful.”

It’s true… the media is always hungry for a good story, so why not take advantage of that? If your business has a great story, it was inspired by an every day event, or your passion for your idea is just too intense to keep in the cellar, you may be a news story waiting to happen. People can’t relate to super geniuses, nor do they want to, and when the product is more relateable, it is easier to understand. The short of it, Desiree says, is to be yourself and let your image and story make people want to be a part of your passion and your product.

“People don’t want you to come down from Mount Olympus, but they want to be involved in your success and part of the story,” Desiree says. Her three essentials to helping your business develop self-fulfilling PR are...

1 – Have a great idea. No great business is without one.

2 – Have a passion that people can relate to. Don’t portray yourself as an immortal and unrivaled genius, people simply won’t be able to relate

3 – Have a “News Hook”… something that’s unusual, eye-catching or simply news-worthy. Don’t be afraid to show your true colors, your troubles and your human condition.

In short, look no further than yourself. Everybody has a story. Can yours help get your business noticed? Chances are they can.

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