WGA West Talks to Me -- Totally Unscripted

Patric Verrone
Patric Verrone


Patric Verrone, President of the Writers Guild of America West, appears live today during "Street Signs" to be interviewed by yours truly.

In a strange way, I have the AMPTP to thank... it appears this came together after the writers' foes posted my whining "Chopped Liver" blog about the run-around in a mass e-mail.


Regarding my confusion over Southwest Airlines' new boarding procedure:

From Steve P:

"I don't get it. What are you complaining about? The boarding procedure allows you to sit down or roam the terminal until boarding begins. Just because everybody hasn't figured out the new system yet, how does that impede on you? I'm guessing it was a slow news day."

From Phyllis T:

"I fly quite often also and find if they eliminated 90% carry on (baggage), flights could unload and load much faster. No one is abiding by the box, which I feel is reservations' fault."

Choose to Defuse?

And in response to my post about why the heck I get CSO Magazine (and yet I was drawn to the article on "How To Handle a Bomb Threat), Managing Editor Sarah Scalet writes:

"Hi Jane. We're not sure around here exactly *why* you get CSO, but I'm glad there was something you found interesting, if not bizarre for your purposes, in our December issue. The story is live here if you don't mind adding a link: http://csoonline.com/read/120107/fea_bomb.html. It's been pretty popular with our readers.

It's actually quite interesting covering this kind of stuff, although I can't say it makes me a more relaxed person...."

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