Easy Search:  Google's Still Hot For Investors


Is there a bigger success story for the technology investor than Google?

"It's actually still pretty reasonably priced," Martin Pyykkonen told CNBC. "That may sound odd when you're talking about a $700 stock; as far as gains relative to the last couple of years, no, I don;t think you're going to have the degree of upside, but it's a quality company with still a good outlook."

Pyykkonen is senior media and Internet analyst for Global Crown Capital, and Google is just one of his recommendations as the new year approaches.


"Actually, the stock I like the best in terms of Internet and media areas combined is Adobe Systems," he said. "They're a derivative play on creation of digital content, both still image and video, and obviously a lot of online consumption."

What about the big turnaround at Yahoo? Pyykkonen says that stock shapes up as more of a long-term buy.

"I think the turnaround is real, but it's going to take some time," he told CNBC. "This is a work in progress; I think if you're patient, you can make a decent return on the stock, probably more towards the end of 2008 and even into 2009."

The jury is also out on Time Warner.

"I think that Time Warner, right at this level, under $17, if fairly attractive," Pyykkonen said. "I like other traditional media stocks better, particularly Viacom and News Corporation, partly because of their play on the Internet and new media revenue streams. Time Warner's not quote there."