2007's Home-Run Gift of the Year


On Friday, I went on the air with my Holiday Gift Guide. Sure, a little bit late, but one of my ideas --That's Me Sports.com -- a Web site that creates a CD where your child's name gets announced more than 30 times in a mock sports broadcast -- did offer a Christmas shipping special to get it out in time.

"That's Me" has been around for a while; and for $19.95, I thought was still one of the best values out there.

But this season's holiday gift of the year -- and a gift that will be popular throughout 2008 -- is Jason Weisenthal's WallMonkeys. Nobody invents things these days; they take an idea and modify it. That's Jason's story.

He took Fathead, that wallposter company owned by Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, and decided that instead of having them of sports stars, he'd make them of every day people.

Brilliant re-invention of an idea already sweeping the nation: People send in their photos, and for prices ranging from $49.99 to $89.99, he'll make a 2-foot to 6-foot version of the photo. Loved the idea; and when I saw what he did with my photo, I have to say this is everything I thought it would be. Or, to twist the words of Dennis Green, it is what I thought it was.

The bottom line is, kids love to have wall posters of their favorite heroes, but they'd also like to have posters of themselves.

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