The 'Rodney' Awards: Cars That Get No Respect

2007 Toyota Corolla
2007 Toyota Corolla

With Detroit essentially shut down for the week between Christmas and New Year's, it's a good time to step back and hand out "The Rodneys": The car and auto brands that -- taking a note from comedian Rodney Dangerfield -- don't get enough respect, according to you, the reader.

As an example, I mentioned Toyota's Corolla. That prompted Doug to blast me by saying:
"Please! As an automaker, Toyota is given way too much credit by the press, obviously including you! The time is way overdue for you to stop giving a thoughtless free pass to one company, and overlooking the greatness others are earning every day."

Larry has a different idea. He wrote:
"While the Corvette is undoubtedly the most under-respected car around, I'd add the Audi A3 to the list. Fast, good looking, great mileage, plenty of room, fun to drive and won't break the bank. Hard to ask for more."

William thinks Saab should get a Rodney. He said:
"As a brand I would say all Saabs. They are all very safe, well-engineered yet sporty cars. You hear so much about Volvos and safety, but many of those look as nice as a mud fence."

Finally, Roger summed up what I hear from so many people; when it comes to a lack of respect, he believes Detroit leads the way. Roger writes:
"Opinions abound on autos but the fact remains, when it comes to respect, the American auto industry is not receiving the respect they deserve here in America."

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