Who Wins Pats-Giants Game: CBS or NBC?

NFL Referee's
NFL Referee's

Now that we know that the Patriots-Giants game is going to be on CBS, NBC and the NFL Network, I have a suggestion for a different contest: Let's make history by letting each network broadcast the game -- and not just take the NFL Network feed.

I know this is technically impossible at this stage in the game, though I must say, if John Madden's bus leaves Giants Stadium at, say, 2am on Saturday night, he can easily get to Indianapolis for the Colts-Titans "Sunday Night Football" game. The 710-mile trip would likely take about 13 hours, getting him in at about 3pm.

Why do this?

Well, it would be the ultimate battle between CBS and NBC. (NBC TV, as you may have guessed, is a unit of CNBC's parent: NBC Universal.)

Who really has the better team? Nantz and Simms or Michaels and Madden? The better graphics? The overall better broadcast?

It's really not fair if they are broadcasting two totally different games, as they always are and at different times of the day and week.

Now the winner of the ratings battle is going to depend on what each network has going into the game because -- let's face it -- there's no reason to switch. That should be NBC, since its evening news broadcast has better ratings than does CBS.

It's not going to happen. I just wish we had more material to work with -- and so could have been more creative with this.

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