Luddite Jane Update (Second Thoughts on Southwest)

Southwest Airlines.
Southwest Airlines.

Flying Southwest Airlines again today. Getting the hang of the new boarding system. Maybe it's not so stupid. Maybe I'm not so stupid.

I'm flying to Sacramento (yes, East Coasters, that's in California) and driving to Stockton to check in again on America's Foreclosure Capital.

You won't see the stories for a week or so, but I am starting to see some hope rise from the ashes (wait, that would be Phoenix -- heh, heh). More later...

I do have to say that no matter how tough times get, people here in Stockton sure are friendly. I was walking in for a quick bite at Carrows (hey, it's Stockton), and the couple walking out went out of their way to wish me a "Happy New Year."

Americans are at their best when they smile and wave "hello" to a stranger.

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