My Holiday Cards: A Great Sports Biz Reporter's Perk

I received many holiday cards. Thank you to all of you who prove every time around this year that e-mail isn't the only option. Here are the best of the best.


I have blacked out what is in the end zones in the middle of this card to protect the innocent.

It's a brilliant card by two independent PR guys who simply know what they are doing. The inclusion of Bonds is good here given the "pumped" tagline. But the Clemens picture is classic because it makes you appreciate the quick turnaround on this card. Clemens was named in the Mitchell Report on Dec. 13.


I just love the effort by Michael Phelps (and won't deduct the fact that the signature is not real). Guarantee you he's the only Olympian who sent cards to reporters. Not like he'll need to curry favor with reporters when he rips it up in Beijing.


Little innocent Christmas ornament on the front. Open it up. Bam! 38 Cowboys cheerleaders. My favorite is the first one on the right of the first group of standing girls. I just looked up her name: Starr Spangler. Man, I wish the Cowboys sent me a Starr Spangler Banner instead.


I know this doesn't seem like a particularly special card, but for a sports business reporter who gets PR pitches from the Nets' Barry Baum (one of the best in the business), this card is truly hilarious. Why? Because the Nets have like nine million sponsors.

And I think it's hilarious that they worked their new stadium sponsor -- Izod -- into their holiday card. Was that part of the impression guarantee?

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