'Dump Heap of Deplorable Rubbish': More Southwest Reader Mail!


OK, ok, ok: I know I said I was going to stop with the Southwest Airlines boarding system e-mails, but I can't help myself.

I have rarely blogged about anything that has gotten so much response (other than my Ann Coulter rant and the Xbox 360's problems -- you won't find those on the Buffett Watch blog!). The last e-mail on this page here may be my fave of the month:

From Rob V (who's not a fan of the boarding system):

"It [the old system] was a fair system that rewarded those who were running ahead of schedule, which helped Southwest get its good on-time record.

Now, snotty businessmen will run up a few minutes before boarding, grab the best seats & spread their WSJs & suit jackets over the whole front rows. The one good thing they did was to push the families with small children back (they board after the "A" group and before the "B"s start) -- the front of the plane was looking like a nursery, & multiple adults often boarded with children quite capable of boarding whenever."

From Tim, a "Proud, no, VERY PROUD SWA Pilot" who says the new system is catching on:

"Time to stop blaming EVERYTHING on the dumb old airlines. Sometimes folks get to the airport too late. Sometimes they pack too much. Try to bring too much on board. Sometimes they're just unbelievably slow taking a seat.

Sometimes they fake a handicap to board early. YES this happens. I've counted six wheelchair passengers getting ON a flight. Then three get OFF. Miracle healing while airborne, I guess. After all, if you faked a disability to get a good pre-board seat, would you wait around for the folks pushing wheelchairs to help you off?"

And the BEST EMAIL OF THE MONTH award goes to Gabriel I:

"Madam, with all my respect, you article does not make any sense. It is lacking in any informative quality and is a pathetic piece of crap which should be burned, chainsawed, then buried in a respective dump heap overflowing with the most deplorable rubbish imaginable.

Please take note that is simply a message stating for you to improve your writing a vast extent so that you may actually place in your article information that people actually care about and can use when they look for the report about the transportation business.
Sincerely, Enraged reader"

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