Best Sectors to Invest Your Money In the New Year

It's the first trading day of the new year, and some of the best investors in the business shared their 2008 sector picks with CNBC.

Global Boom Play

“Playing some global cyclicality I think still makes sense. My preference, the way to play it, is through the energy names. They did not get extended on a valuation basis, perhaps like some other global cyclicals, so I would still have a foot in the door, but not as big a foot if you will as last year.”

Robert Doll, BlackRock Chief Investment Officer

The Upside of Energy

“ We like energy. We think that given the fact that there’s supply shortages and global demand continues to rise, that energy is going to surprise investors to the upside.”

Frederic Dickson, D.A. Davidson & Co. Chief Market Strategist

Winning Sectors for ‘08

“The winners are going to be those global stories. In particular, agricultural fertilizers, chemicals, healthcare and drillers, and of course the shippers.”

Peter Kenny, Knight Equity Markets Managing Director

Homebuilder Turnaround

“I turned positive on the homebuilders a little over a month and a half ago. I just think all of the bad news is baked in. They were the first group to turn down, and they’re closer to the end of their down cycle, while the financials and I think the rest of the market, are kind of in the middle of it.”

Mike O'Rourke, BTIG Bass Trading Chief Market Strategist