Five-Star Manager: (Cap) Size Doesn't Matter


Some highly-regarded fund managers like to limit their stock choices to companies of certain sizes, but to Keeley Asset Management vice president Mark Keeley, size doesn't matter.

He's a five-star manager with selections of small, medium and large caps.

One of his large-cap favorites is Foster Wheeler.

"It's been an excellent performer -- up over 100 percent last year," he told CNBC.

"The company continues to do well. It has a major contract in the liquid natural gas market just announced in Australia. The stock is going to split next week."

Another large-cap Keeley selection is Chicago Bridge and Iron, which he identifies as "another liquid natural gas play."

"If you look at companies that are involved in generation of power, in global construction, those are still good places to be," he said.

Among the mid-caps, he likes Joy Global.

"The demand for the mining and infrastructure plays continues, and Joy Global, I think, has a tremendous backlog," said Keeley. "We're still very, very excited about the prospects for that company."