What Works for 2008

Cramer spent Wednesday’s show reviewing what went right and wrong in 2007 for his nine stocks of the year. Here’s the breakdown on what he said is in store for his picks in 2008:

The Federal Reserve should finally take rates low enough to turn around the financials. When that happens, Goldman Sachs should earn $30 a share, boosting the share price to $300.

Altria’s split of its international and domestic businesses and “the mother of all buybacks” should send the stock much higher, Cramer said.

Halliburton should would since Cramer said he thinks 2008 is the year for natural gas. But he has a player in that sector he likes better, so tune in Thursday to find out who it is.

Cisco will just be a “marginal performer” going forward. If you want tech, go with Apple , Google , Research in Motion and Hewlett-Packard .

Even though Apple’s coming off a great year, Cramer said 2008 could be good as well. He recommended sticking with AAPL.

NYSE Euronext , the bane of 2007 for Cramer, should turn around this year, he said. Cost cuts by new CEO Duncan Niderauer should do wonders for the bottom line.

BioMarin has the only Food and Drug Administration-approved remedy for Phenylketonuria and a pipeline that has Cramer impressed. It’s a keeper, he said.

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