Mad Mail: When Do I Buy a Pullback?

Go Blue-Yah: You are elegant! Simple, clear, and straightforward. Plus, you've helped me make money! Thank you for a great year. Personal investing is new to me, having always allowed others to do this. I feel almost as empowered as I did when Gloria joined the women's movement and Kate Millett did her dissertation on Sexual Politics. I remember then thinking that I was glad to be studying economics, as money is generally blind, caring not who makes it. Now I must hurry and take a shower (as I promised my husband of 40 years that I'd do as soon as Cramer's Mad Money ended), so that we can get to our New Year's Eve party only slightly late. Cramer can go to St. Bart's anytime he'd like as long as he leaves us die-hards with such brilliant programming. Happy New Year! --Susan

Cramer says: Happy New Year to you, too. I took, like, five courses on the women’s movement and seven on communism and still got magna cum laude from Harvard!


Boo-yah Jim!: I was watching your show on New Year’s Eve. You talked about buying on pullbacks and I've read about this dozens of times while reading your books, but what actually constitutes a nice pullback? What percent? Boeing has had a nice pullback, J.C. Penney , Sears Holdings and most of the banks. Is there a certain percentage pullback you suggest? –Jared

Cramer says: “Eight to 10% is my preferred range to start doing some buying.”


Dear Jim: I need to apologize to you for what my son did to your book. Here's the story…

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Dear Jim: I need to apologize to you for what my son did to your book. Here's the story… he came over the house Christmas Eve for the traditional family dinner and brought with him a laundry bag full with dirty laundry, on top of which he put your book. But when he dumped the laundry into the washing machine, he unknowingly included the book. After the wash was done, pieces of your book were all over the machine and the laundry. Attached are photos of your unreadable but clean book. Oh, by the way that red stuff on it is sauce from the stuffed shells. --Neil

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