Stop Trading!: The Fed Is Not Your Friend

The Federal Reserve is not your friend, Cramer said on Wednesday’s Stop Trading!.

Cramer has long been fed up with the Fed’s inaction in managing the credit crisis. There’s no sign Bernanke and company will get it right in the new year either, Cramer said. “Just presume they're going to do the wrong thing.”

Turning to stocks, Cramer pointed out the investing opportunity in Africa but warned that buying African companies or ETFs, like the GAF , should be tempered with the knowledge that violence and election risk are inherent to the continent and thus make Africa a far riskier place to put money.

Cramer also pointed out trucking company YRC Worldwide as a stock he would stay away from in 2008. “I’m worried,” he said. YRC’s chart looks like “Kilimanjaro from the wrong side.”

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