Cramer's Tech Horsemen For '08

Cramer’s Four Horsemen of Tech – Google , Amazon , Research In Motion and Apple – were all good for at least a double in 2007. With gains like that, taking profits might begin to look tempting to those investors wanting to get out while the getting is good. But not so fast, Cramer said. With the exception of Amazon, these stocks show no signs of slowing in the new year.

Amazon is a sell above $100, Cramer said. In the end, no matter how good tech is, AMZN is still a retailer at heart.

The other three Horsemen, however, each have 30% earnings growth going into 2008. Cramer called that “phenomenal” and said it was the main reason why these names should not be sold. But sticking to his mantra, he urged investors not to own all three for the sake of diversification. “Pick the one you like best,” he said. “Stick with the winners.”

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