My New Year's Resolutions: One Is Ask For Directions!

We are back on the road, the 'Mike On America' crew and I, rolling down Highway 75 in Georgia. And with 2008 just breathing it's first fresh air, it's only fitting that we partake in a time worn ritual---New Year's Resolutions.

We've decided to avoid the usual, the predictable. Sure we could all stand to lose a little weight, work a little harder, spend more time with our families. I'd like to dress a little better, plaids and stripes together don't cut it, I know. Floss, that's one. Learning a new word everyday seems like a noteworthy goal. Play an instrument, learn a few phrases in a foreign language, both of those are good. In fact let's do all those. I'll let you know how many days it takes before one or all have been broken or forgotten.

But the one resolution we've come up with on the bus, the one we think will make a difference in all our lives, is kindness. Just try to be more kind. To people you know and those you don't. It's a remarkable thing to see, what a simple act of kindness will do. If there's one thing to lament while we travel across the country, it's the lack of civility in so many places. It would be great to get it back. To be civil to one another. To understand how important personal respect is to all peoples. Try it.

Oh yeah, here's another one--ask for directions. We've been wondering around now for 20 minutes looking for our turn. Who's got the map?

"MOA" is back on Power Lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The show runs between 12 and 2 eastern time. We'll be along the Georgia-Florida border the rest of the week. Actually, if I don't stop and ask for directions soon we'll be here all month.

See you along the road.

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