Top Strategists Offer Predictions for 2008

The top investment strategists on Wall Street go head to head in CNBC's special series Tale of the Tape.

REWIND: We take a look at what they said in 2007 and see how accurate they were.

FAST FOWARD: Predictions for 2008

Goldman's Sachs Abby Joseph Cohen is the most famous female strategist on Wall Street.

Cohen says "2007 started off strong, low volatility, the second half of '07, weakening economic conditions, lots of market volatility and '08 may be the mirror image."

Merrill Lynch's Richard Bernstein has been featured on Institutional Investor's 'all-American research' list for 14 straight years.

Bernstein thinks "one of the terms for 2008 shouldn't really be global growth, but global slowdown."

Morgan Stanley's David Darst, author of four books with over 35-years of experience under his belt.

Darst says "The sell-off we saw last November is a classic cleansing, purging period . We haven't had a down period of over 10% in 4-years. We've got to have the cleaning out. That's what's going on. It's a very healthy. But be careful."

Citigroup's Tobias Levkovich earns the third spot in 2007's Institutional Investor survey, ranking the top strategists on Wall Street.

Levkovich says S&P 500 may hit 1725 mid 2008.

Banc of America Securities' Tom McManus had the most accurate call in '07, predicting S&P 500 would finish out the year at 1465 (S&P ended 2007 at 1468.36).

McManus says "The first half is going to be more problematic. I think it'll be a zig zag year. I think there'll be a good opportunity to buy stocks in early 2008."