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On your show of January 2, 2008 you said, “Not since 1928 has there been an election with neither a sitting president or vice president running.” You may want to check the election of 1952.

--Brian M.

Thanks for the note, Brian. To clarify, 1952 was the last year in which neither a sitting nor former president or vice president ran for the general election. Harry Truman decided he wouldn't run for the presidency -- but only after running in the New Hampshire primary, which he lost.

To find an election in which neither a sitting nor former president or vice ran for their party's nomination -- that was, indeed, in 1928.

For the record, Republican Herbert Hoover won that contest against Democrat Al Smith, and presided over the worst stock market crash in U.S. history and the subsequent Great Depression.

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--Carlo Dellaverson, Web Producer

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