Fast Messages - We Answer Your Questions


Time to sort through the Fast Money in-box and answer more of your questions.

John writes, “Guy, are you still bullish on Mastercard even with recession talk and a spending slowdown by consumers. It looks like it’s ready to turn over on the charts."

I’m still bullish, replies Adami because people are spending money differently. Essentially, I’m long the transaction from cash to plastic.


Bob writes, “What’s going on with McDonald’s . It seems like we are having a McMess lately?

McDonald’s is just fine replies Jeff Macke.


Nadim writes, “Seymour, I know you love and follow Russia. But which picks do you think would be very nice for ’08?”

Russia is my top emerging markets pick for ’08 replies Tim Seymour. I recommend Gazprom, CTC Media , or the Market Vectors Russia .

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