Stop Trading!: Seed Stock of the Year

As the stock market stumbles through the gates this new year, one industry remains in full-throttle bull market mode: agriculture. On Friday’s Stop Trading!, Cramer spoke with the VP of Monsanto, the seed company at the forefront of the profitable ag complex.

Robb Fraley, who oversees technology and R&D for Monsanto , explained that his company is more of a biotech play than an old-world agriculture company. It focuses primarily on yield – that is, engineering ways to increase crop production, which in turn drives farmers' profits.

The reason behind the company’s surge as the rest of the market falters, according to both Fraley and Cramer, is its rich pipeline. Monsanto is in the process of developing seeds that produce energy in the form of biofuels, seeds to stave off famine and seeds that don’t need water to grow. Fraley called it a “whole new wave of innovation.”

Cramer isn’t backing away from this seed stock. In a market that has a “very bad feel to it,” it’s important to stick with winners like Monsanto.

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