New Hampshire Diary: My "Run Ins" With The Politicos


This is the time of the presidential race when the convergence of politicians and press is nearly complete.

The Radisson, in downtown Manchester, is the closest thing there is to ground zero of the New Hampshire campaign. All the networks of NBC are broadcasting from this spot and thus all the candidates are coming here.

It makes reporting a lot easy when you can bump into Mike Huckabee in the lobby, or Dennis Kucinich at the souvenir stand, or John Edwards' campaign chairman David Bonior in the chair next door to my live shot. I'd been wondering how Latino voters are going to react to Barack Obama's Iowa win over Hillary Clinton and the Radisson delivered: a few minutes ago I ran into Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigos outside the men's room.

The mayor, who's backing Clinton, said he wasn't sure how much Obama would cut into her Hispanic support but predicted she'd make a strong comeback in California's Feb. 5 primary.

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