CES: Those Gadgets Need Content And Here's What's Coming


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ES is all about gadgets, but this year more than ever it's about getting CONTENT on those gadgets. What's the point of a gorgeous huge, super skinny high def TV, if not to watch high def movies at the touch of your fingertips. And all these fancy mobile devices, aren't they all just means to watch clear video on that tiny screen?

The media companies are all trying to get their content out there in as many ways as possible- giving consumers control over how, when and where they watch. Its clear that for consumers, on demand is in demand, so media and tech companies are trying to turn accessibility into profitability.

Content was a big part ofBill Gates keynote speech last night. He announced Microsoft's deal to digitally distribute NBC Universal's Olympics coverage via MSN, taking advantage of new technology. Microsoft also struck a new deal with Disney to digitally distribute popular shows from ABC and Disney Channel hits like Hannah Montana.

Meanwhile Microsoft is continuing to turn its XBox 360 into an entertainment hub. Now you'll be able to download James Bond and Rocky movies over the internet straight to your high def computer.


While Sony is building web access into their Bravia televisions, other companies are creating stand-along solutions to get content, on-demand, straight to your TV. Netflix made a deal with LG, to make a set top box (on sale the second half of 2008) that offers Netflix library, on demand. (Now you don't even have to walk to your mailbox).

Sling media is taking all the content from your TV and now making it available not just from your laptop, but from your BlackBerry. So while you can have a full movie library anytime on your big screen, you can have all that content from your big tv screen on your small mobile screen, anytime. Pretty cool, if you ask me. The walls of distribution are being torn down.

Now back to the convention floor--more later.