Paulson on 'Squawk': Housing, China and Fly-Fishing

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson spent an hour co-hosting CNBC's "Squawk Box" Tuesday morning and discussed everything from the housing market and China to fly-fishing.

Paulson on the Dollar

“Our economy, like any other, has got its ups and downs. I think it’s going to keep growing, and that it’s fundamental strength is going to be reflected in the currency markets.”

On the Housing Market

“The housing problem and the mortgage issue is not limited to subprime. It’s a broader issue.”

On U.S.-China Relationship

“This is a very important economic relationship between our two countries, and it’s important that we keep this on an even keel, because it benefits both of our nations.

Gone Fishin’

Paulson discusses fly-fishing, oil prices and the markets.