ePaper: Read All About It--It's Magical And Almost Here

LG Phillips Epaper
LG Phillips Epaper

Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show, something jumps out at you as truly extraordinary. And the electronic paper from LG Philips LCD , which I was able to show exclusively this morning on CNBC and MSNBC jumps into that category. (See clip below which also reports on Intel).

This is technology right out of the movies, quite literally. Remember that scene in Steven Spielberg's "Minority Report," where people were reading newspapers that would magically, electronically change the stories and photos right in front of your eyes? This new technology from LG Philips is what's going to make that happen.

The company is unveiling what it calls "Flexible AMOLED" technology, an ultra-thin, stainless steel foil with phosphorescent OLED embedded inside it. The ultra-thin, 12" UXGA and WXGA displays using "electro phoretic display."

All that mumbo jumbo translates into incredibly clear displays on flexible metal that can be updated and changed whenever they're programmed to.

LG Philips sees a number of potential applications for all this: wearable wristband displays for MP3 players and other devices. The innovation is so flexible that engineers say it could be woven into a new kind of smart fabric. So you wouldn't be wearing a watch, you'd simply look down at your shirt sleeve to see what time it is.


The company is working with a number of developers and suggests the first products based on this could be on the market before year's end.

Maybe this will be something to keep consumers interested in the newspaper business; a healthy marriage of what's old, and what's very new.