Trading The Technorati


What a year it's been so far for tech investors! Apple (AAPL), Google (GOOG) & Research In Motion (RIMM) shares are all down more than 9% as the NASDAQ gets slaughtered on a daily basis. And this is happening during a time that’s typically strong for tech.

As the next BlackBerry-like blockbuster is unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas or as the next iWinner is revealed at Apple's Macworld, can innovation save the industry in '08?

To answer that question, we turn to the tastemakers of the new technological age: the bloggers who break the biggest news and move the most fast bucks.

Tonight we talk with Robert Scoble, author of -- the web wag described by The Economist as a “celebrity among geeks worldwide” with a blog that gets 6 million hits a year.

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