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By Matt Westover
We are in day 3 of CES and feel we have exceeded the goals we have set for ourselves here. As a young and quickly emerging company, we look for very tangible results which move the sales needle coming out of CES. With 1000's of companies here and the enormous amounts of money that are being spent, we simply cannot out-spend the larger companies to capture awareness and brand recognition so we must rely on more gorilla tactics to get our name and products above the noise level.

This year and in the spirit of Las Vegas, we introduced the MoGo GoGo Girls to our CES execution plans. These MoGo GoGo Girls, wearing MoGo branded tops, are carrying MoGo's and striking up conversations to demonsttate our product. Additionally, after they speak to a CES attendee about our MoGo, they offer them a coupon for a $20 discount when they buy a MoGo. They successfully provided attendees with 10,000 discount coupons so far! The MoGo GoGo Girls are a show favorite!

This year we have also been very fortunate enough to be invited by CNBC and "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch" to be on their show at CES. This is a terrific opportunity for MoGo and the show will air Wednesday night at 10pm Eastern. Please watch it! I have been watching the show since its inception and feel honored to be included in their CES show series!
Much to my surprise, Donny and his team hired his former advertising firm (Deutsch Inc.) to make a commercial for us to make MoGo a houshold name! Not only was this something we could not have made on our own (we are not advertising exec's)they made a very exciting commercial with all the right messaging! Additionally, this commercial will definitely help us to be a househould name quickly!

If that was not enough, Donny announced to me on the show that CNBC was going to the run commercial on CNBC at their expense as as well! I was excited I was at risk of looking like contestant on "The Price is Right" and starting jumping around pumping my fists with over the top enthusiam. Right then Donny tells me he will also run our ad during the that point I did jump out of seat with execitement only to hear him say he was only kidding.....he totally got me as I fell for it hook, line and sinker and could only laugh at myself at that point.

Relatively speaking we think MoGo's are to computer laptops as IPOD's are to music and Donny is really helping us get to the next level as a company. We simply could not have done this on our own without Deutsch Inc., CNBC and Donny's expertise. They are really wonderful people to work with and see why they are so successful!

Stay tuned for more MoGo news tomorrow!

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