I'm Back: Ah, Those Useless Emails And A Real Problem To Solve

Blackberry Jam
Blackberry Jam
Blackberry Jam

Since I last blogged, Countrywide shares have fallen to eye-popping lows,Roger Clemens has come out fighting, and I got interested in the Presidential racefor about five minutes.

Since I last blogged, tragedy has struck Pakistan and Kenya (more on Kenya in a moment).

And since I last blogged, the stock market has gone on that diet we all resolve to start every New Year’s Day, except the stock market seems to be sticking to its weight loss program.

Here’s one resolution I’ve made progress on (not the resolution to avoid ending sentences with prepositions). While on vacation, I looked at my BlackBerry only once an hour. Sometimes I would “forget” and actually go two hours. And here’s what I learned: my BlackBerry was jammed with junk (get it? BlackBerry...jammed?)

Seriously, 95 percent of the messages sent to me were useless. I mean, really useless. I’m not just talking about the spam and the lame PR pitches for stories that have nothing to do with business news, or the 20 updates a day on Governor Schwarzenegger's movements.

I’m talking about emails within my own company! Every tidbit of news gleaned by the CNBC news desk is sent to all of us, which is nice, though usually irrelevant to my coverage. But then each email is followed up by two or three more from reporters or editors hitting the “reply all” with their “takes.”

Long conversations take place back and forth from coast to coast, forced in my Inbox. I have been guilty of this myself, but, no more! Maybe there’s merit to charging for email by the address. It would end RAS (“reply all syndrome").

Now, about a real problem. I’ve worked with, and financially support, the New Life Home Trust in Kenya.This is a dedicated group of people who take in abandoned newborns, often in the most horrific conditions, nurse them back to health, and then try to adopt them out to Kenyan families (there are follow up visits to check on a child’s welfare).

I’ve been to Kenya and have seen their work first hand. It is Mother Teresa-like in scope and integrity. During the recent violence, these baby rescue centers went into virtual lockdown, and they ran short on baby formula, but no one was harmed. Now, New Life Home Trust is reaching out to those displaced by the violence, hoping to help them find food and shelter. It is a worthy cause, and if you’d like to help, email Janay Garrick at jgarrick@newlifehometrust.us.

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