Mad Mail: Cramer's Final Exam

Dear Jim: I just listened to Mr. Bernanke’s speech and could not help but be impressed. He is an intelligent, articulate man who is obviously well-versed on what ails the economy and how to address the issue in a measured, responsible way. Unlike you, he is not manic and does not throw things around to make a point. It is clear that the economy is in the current situation due to greed and irresponsibility from both financial institutions and home buyers and people are looking for a bailout instead of paying the price for their action. From what I have seen and heard over the last few months, I must conclude that You are the one that “knows nothing!’ --Raj


Dear Jim: Booyah from Portland, Oregon! Your show has brought wisdom and wealth, and I love your metaphors, SAT words, analogies, alliteration, and the stream of consciousness that you share with all of us. As I was sitting on the linoleum floor the other night, I was inspired and came up with this 2007 Homegamer’s Final Exam. Here are 25 carefully thought-out questions for the Final Exam 2007. --Jamie

P.S. Yes, I did grow up in Philadelphia.

Watch Jim's responses, including special "Final Exam" trivia questions:

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