"American Gladiators:" A Brilliant Comeback!


For a kid in 90s, there weren't many things better than "American Gladiators." Regular people going up against these athletic gods.

I loved the Atlasphere and the Joust and I marveled at Nitro and Turbo. And I was shocked to hear when I arrived at Northwestern in 1996, the same year the show's run had ended, that the announcer Mike Adamle was a running back at the school.

So when I heard NBC was reprising the show I thought it was nothing short of brilliant. Well, for those who haven't heard, "American Gladiators" debuted on Sunday and averaged 12 million viewers.

Now, let's put this in perspective. There's not as much competition because of the writers' strike going on, but I'd still say that's a great number to start with.

The show will be broadcast every Monday at 8 p.m. ET through Feb. 17. I'm betting it will last at least a season two.

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