Fave Five: Tech Toys To Take Home


As this year's CES wraps up today, Portfolio's Kevin Maney shared his five favorites from the show.

Maney started with Intel's new mobile chips. Designed to make computing more portable, these new chips will enable companies to create a whole new crop of portable connected devices. Maney also liked the new Rokr E8 from Motorola, a single device that allows users to switch back and forth between phone and music player.

HDTV took center stage at the show and entries from Sony and Samsung captured much of the buzz. Sony showed off its expensive new line of super slim, energy efficient organic light emitting diode (OLED) TVs, which are now available at selected Sony stores. Meanwhile, Samsung debuted it's own line of slim TV prototypes, featuring LCDs that were a mere one-inch thick.

As a guitar player, Maney also liked Gibson's new and expensive Robot Guitar, an instrument that actually tunes itself. Regarding the question of whether musicians are actually willing to pay for a guitar that tunes itself, Maney offered, "that'll be the question."