Tata's Nano: You Love It, You Really Love It!

Tata Nano
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Tata Nano

Talk about a little car making a big impression. Yesterday, when you saw Tata's new microcar, the Nano, and its equally small price of $2,500 you sent me e-mails. You love it! You really, really love it!

Jerry e-mailed that Tata's car seems very similar to the Smart Car and, "...I'd likely be a customer for a Tata."

Bill told me he wants to see the Nano sold here because, "We the people, have to get rid of our gas guzzling, fire breathing pre-historic autos."

And one viewer said it best with a one sentence e-mail, "What this country needs is a good 5 cent cigar and $2,500 car."

Well folks here's the bad news: The Nano won't be here in the states anytime soon, and may never get here. I outlined the numerous reasons in yesterday's blog, and yet I heard from many of you who think there's a vast national conspiracy to keep the fuel sipping "people's car" from the people of the U.S. Many also think I am part of the effort to keep this car from getting in.

Oh yes (meant with extreme sarcasm), I have the memo here from "Conspiracies Inc." Warning me to never, ever again discuss the Nano. It's attached to my invitation for a costume party with the aliens we hold at Area 51.

Listen, I think this car is important because it will allow millions in India, the Middle East, and other developing markets to finally afford a car. If Tata can figure out how to make money selling the Nano here in the states (and meet our safety and emissions standards), then bring it in. I don't think Tata can figure out how to do that anytime soon, which is why you won't see the Nano on our streets or at the Detroit Auto Show next week.

What you will see, and what we will show in our primetime special Monday night at 9 eastern are a slew of new models that have impressed me. I'm still taking your suggestions on what new models you want to see.

And yes, I know you want to see the Nano!!!!!!!!!

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