Detroit Auto Show: Here's What You Can Expect


Friday afternoon I walked into Cobo Hall in Detroit and there was a flurry of activity with cars being brought in, stages being set up, and elaborate new model introductions being rehearsed. Welcome to Detroit two days before the city's big auto show.

When it starts Sunday you can expect to see new versions of old favorites with the Ford F-150, Dodge Ram Pick-up, and Chevy Corvette. I've seen them, and they are impressive. All pack more punch and more content.

But it's the new models that always turn heads. The Mercedes Vision GLK (Mercedes smallest SUV), Fisker's luxury hybrid, the BMW 1 series convertible, and Toyota's Venza will all roll out for the first time. And each will grab the spotlight to a certain extent. That's as it should be. They are the stars of the show.

Yes, there will be plenty of talk about fuel efficient hybrids, the efforts of the Big 3 to get back in the black, and the growing presence of Chinese automakers. But none of those stories will eclipse the one or two head turning models we will see for the first time. It's hard to know which model will be the belle of the ball, but there will be one.


We'll be there to capture every new model and there will be more than 50. While you catch reports Sunday and Monday during the day, the big deal is Monday night with our All acceess prime time special. All the new models will be on, and so will the stars attending the show. You don't want to miss it.


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