Call of The Wild: Why Rams Can't Stop Steers


Well, this is one Chrysler execs weren't counting on. The company wanted to make a big debut for its redesigned Dodge Ram pick-up.

So it hired 150 steers to "stampede" (actually more like amble) down the main street in front of Detroit's Cobo Hall alongside the new Dodge Ram pick-up.

All went as planned until the Chrysler execs started addressing the crowd in front of Cobo Hall. Then, as Chrysler president Jim Press tried to tell the people about the Ram, nature called.

Some of the steers were feeling "randy" and they decided to see if others in the stampede felt the same way. Since they were all bulls, there was no consummation, but plenty of chuckles in the crowd.

To his credit, Press persevered through the "disturbance" created by some of the "amped up" bulls trying to feel out the other cattle.

But this just goes to show why you never work with animals. (Warning: The video has an animal rating of R and may not be suitable for children under 17.)


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