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By Bruce & MG Howard
We would like to extend our extreme gratitude to Donny and the entire Big Idea staff. The expert consultants they provided during our first show including Noel Lee, Kathy Gornick and Dr. Doug Hirschhorn have provided invaluable advice and encouragement that will benefit us not only in business but also our personal lives. We look forward to working with Mike Michalowicz and moving to the next level. Other than Mr. Lewis’ decision, the entirety of the experience was tremendously rewarding.

Since this series was called “The Road to CES”, we’d like to address our CES experience which turned out to be far more positive than many may realize. Our journey began with Lightglove being awarded the CES Best of Innovation award for Electronic Gaming, beating out billion dollar companies such as Dell and Logitech.

Immediately after the “empty envelope” taping, we collected our thoughts (not easy) and drove to the 4 Seasons event hosted by G4, the premier gaming channel. Lightglove was selected as one of the top 15 technologies at CES and although we missed the panel discussion, we look forward to working with the great team at G4 in the near future.

One of the two negative points Mr. Lewis made when reaching his decision was that we didn’t have a “killer app”. We believe a device like the Wii remote which is worn on the wrist and uses light for buttons couldn’t get any more lethal. Those at G4 agree.

Immediately prior to taping “The Road to CES”, we had the pleasure of working with MSNBC’s “Your Business” who had invited us to be their experts on the receiving end of a pitch by Cellecast. This revenue generating company has a proprietary technology to use your cell phone to listen to radio programs. The show was taped on the roof of the Pure Lounge at Caesars Palace. We’ve watched “Your Business” for a long time and look forward to working with them again.

The day ended with us being escorted down the red carpet at the Mary J. Blige concert, compliments of HeadMonster Noel Lee, and paparazzi snapping our picture. We would like to thank Noel and his Monstrous staff for giving us such a memorable end to one of the most action packed days of our life.

So when you look at that one day and the four events, three out of four were totally positive. Even the “Road to CES” finale was an amazing experience which was taped on the bustling show floor while we were miked up with an ear piece for the live feed from NYC. Some people in the audience asked if the woman in the middle was the host of the show. Other’s asked who our PR person was. It’s really quite remarkable what the two of us have created with so little financial support.

To sum up, our 2008 CES experience was extraordinary and we would like to thank Gary Shapiro and those at CEA for their commitment to Consumer Electronics. We had several meetings with global giants which may result in a partnership that will fulfill our dream of making Lightgloves available to everyone. Although things didn’t turn out quite as we had hoped, the future for Lightglove is quite bright. We believe that someone with vision and courage will present us with an envelope filled with the key to our American Dream and they will reap the benefits and be able to participate in our transformational experience.

- Bruce & MG

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