How to Make Money in an Uncertain Stock Market

Even in an uncertain market, there are always opportunities to make money.

CNBC gives investors an edge by asking some of the best minds in the business to share their investment advice.

Jack Bouroudjian, an analyst at the Brewer Investment Group, thinks now is the time to get into the market, while there are still bargains to be found.

“What you want to do is start putting in bids under the market in conditions like this, and have the market come to you. You don’t want to chase the market.”

Stocks on Sale

“In terms of the defensive stocks, stocks like Procter & Gamble and Kellogg, I think can protect you from what’s going on domestically and have some participation overseas. If you really want to play the true secular growth overseas, I can think of no better stocks than United Technology and GE, and then domestically in the financials sector, you’re setting yourself up for an opportunity to buy JPMorgan.”

Awad recommends: Procter & Gamble , Kellogg , United Technlogy , GE and JPMorgan

Jim Awad, WP Stewart Asset Management Chairman

Five Stocks for the Long Haul

Morningstar has chosen five large-cap stocks with a sustainable competitive advantage that are likely to stand the test of time.

Coumarianos recommends: McGraw-Hill Companies , Western Union , Cemex , Amgen and Legg Mason

John Coumarianos, Morningstar Analyst

The Case for Tech Stocks

“We saw a great dearth in tech spending in capex after the Y2K bubble. We spent up until that Y2K bubble, and than all of a sudden corporate spending on software and computers stopped. It’s starting again, and software really needs to be replaced and updated, and in that sector I like software best.”

Michael Farr, Farr, Miller & Washington President

On the Defensive

“If you had to be in the market, we like healthcare, consumer staples, utilities, you know all of the defensive types of sectors.”

Mark Arbeter, Standard & Poor’s Chief Technical Strategist