Apple CEO Steve Jobs: The LIVE Blog From His Macworld Speech

This is the text of my live blog from the Steve Jobs speech at Macworld. It was fun to do and I hope you enjoy reading it for the first time, or re-reading it again.

10:35 AM PST: Outta here. No one more thing! We're setting up for our exclusive Steve Jobs interview. Stay tuned! We'll get his comments on the air as quickly as possible!

10:34 AM PST: Met Randy at Pixar, doing scores. He's the perfect person to introduce Apple's new iTunes movie rental service.

10: 30 AM PST: Is there a "one more thing?" Now is the time. Jobs recapping today's keynote now. All of this great stuff in the first two weeks of the year. And we have 50 weeks to go. No need for a DVD player, says Jobs. Introducing musical guest now: Randy Newman!!!!

10: 28: AM PST: Intel's Paul Otellini thanks Jobs (again) for letting Intel innovate with Apple.

10: 27 AM PST: No optical drive because Jobs says it's a wireless device. Music, movies, all downloaded wirelessly. No DVD player necessary.

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10: 25 AM PST: MacBook Air will price at $1799 and ships in two weeks. Thinness: .76 inches thin. We're talking thin!

10: 23 AM PST: Otellini thanks Jobs for giving Intel the chance to innovate with Apple.

10: 18 AM PST: The Intel Core 2 Duo chip is 60 percent smaller than past versions. Intel CEO Paul Otellini now on stage.

10: 17 AM PST: How did we fit a Mac in here, he asks: 1.8 inch hard drives. The device will ship with 80 gig hard drive, or a 64 gig Flash. That's a surprise. It'll cost a bundle more to go flash. The device has an Intel Core 2 Duo chip, 1.6GHz standard with an option for 1.8GHz. The entire circuit board is smaller than the length of a pencil. Neat.

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10:15 AM PST: Multi-touch gesture support too. Very cool. He's demo'ing the product now. But the demo is on tape. He's not doing it himself. Which makes me wonder why not? Is this actually ready for prime time or what? We'll see.

10:14 AM PST: Apple shares are starting to tick up now. Display is 13.3 inches, a back-lit, LED display. Built in iSight camera for video-conferencing. Full sized keyboard. Ambient light sensor so it's also back-lit. Very pretty.

10:12 AM PST: Unveiling it now to wild applause, inside an inter-office envelope. Oohs and awes. Wow. Paper thin. This is a beautiful product. Full sized keyboard and display.

10:12 AM PST: Thiness: MacBook Air will be .76 inches thin. We're talkin' thin here!

10:10 AM PST: The world's thinnest notebook. Compared to Sony's TZ notebook. O.8 inches to 1.2 inches, and weigh around 3 pound. 11 or 12 inch display. But they compromise: miniature keyboards and performance sacrifices because of heat and battery life.

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10:09 AM PST: Gianopolus is done. Jobs is back: his last major announcement: there's something in the air, he says. Apple makes the best notebooks on the planet. These are the standards in the industry. Introducing the MacBook Air!

10:07 AM PST: Jim G. continues: "I think this will be a transformative version of the rental model and I'm very excited about it. We've been talking to Steve about DVDs too. Looks like next generation will be Blu-ray." He unveils a new digital DVD, Family Guy Star Wars spoof. You can instantly move the content to your iPod and iPhone. (Hysterical and a favorite in my house, by the way.)

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10:05 AM PST: "Make great movies and give it to people in as many ways as you possibly can, says Gianopulos. Choice, access, convenience, control. So basic, even a studio guy can understand it." (Laughter).

"The Simpson Movie becomes available for rental tomorrow. When Steve came to us with this idea, it was a no-brainer."

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10:03 AM PST: The first studio that signed up with us for iTunes movie rentals is 20th Century Fox. Now introducing 20th chairman Jim Gianopulos.

10:01 AM PST: Apple TV is a "free" software upgrade to all existing Apple TV customers. Today, the unit sells for $299. Starting today, $229 instead. Free software and new hardware available in two weeks.

10:00 AM PST: Speculation about Apple's stock fall so far on the keynote: there were rumors, which I tried to shoot down a few weeks ago, that Apple would report 5 million iPhones sold so far. You gotta be kidding me.

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9:48 AM PST: He's showing a demo now of what the new iTunes rental store looks like and how it works. Pretty sweet. Netflix has the edge though with unlimited viewing, but Netflix still charges a subscription fee. We'll see how Blockbuster and Amazon responds. Should be interesting to see which model works!

9:46 AM PST: Turns your TV into another key way to access content on the web, no computer necessary. Now you can watch YouTube videos on your wide-screen TV. Buy TV shows and music, direct on the TV. Focusing on HD movies. Rentals in HD are a dollar more. 100 titles today, more to come.

9:44 AM PST: Now, AppleTV, take two! No computer necessary. You can rent movies directly to your wide screen TV: DVD quality and HD! (Big applause.)

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9:42 AM PST: What about getting movies from net to your big screen TV. Apple TV didn't work.

9:42 AM PST: Movie rentals can move from one device to another. Launches today. Rolled out on U.S. first, the internationally. No date yet.

9:41 AM PST: This is a major deal, signing up all the top studios. 1,000 movies by the end of February. iTunes rentals gets the titles 30 days after the DVD is released. 30 days to start watching them, and 24 hours to watch the movie. Once you click rental, it will download within 30 seconds with standard broadband. Library films: $2.99. New release: $3.99.

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9:40 AM PST: Jim back: Jobs just announced the iTunes movie rental service as Annie said. MGM, Fox, Warner Bros, Disney, Paramount, Universal, Sony Pictures. "We have every major studio."

9: 40 AM PST: Hi, this is Annie for Jim. Four billion songs sold so far as of last week seven million movies sold. ITune movie rental introduced as of today

9: 28 AM PST: Running out to do a live TV shot on the iPhone sales number. Stay tuned. Annie will keep you updated in my absence.

9: 25 AM PST: Jobs: "We think we did even better in the December quarter for iPhone. Releasing the software developer kit for iPhone developers in February. Unveiling Maps with Location, Webclips, customize the iPhone home screen, SMS multiple people at once, and now Lyrics support."

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9: 23 AM PST: U.S. marketshare: iPhone's first quarter of shipment. RIM owns 39 percent of the market. Apple in second place with 19.5 percent. Dwarfing Palm, Motorola and Nokia.

9: 22 AM PST: The next thing from Jobs: here comes iPhone news. Exactly 200 days since iPhone went on sale. Sold 4 million since. Huge number!

9: 20 AM PST: Today, Apple introduces Time Capsule. No longer the need to back-up files on internal drive. Time Machine wirelessly backs up data on this new piece of hardware, onto an external drive. Very cool. Awesome for notebook users, but works with all the Macs in your house or office. Two versions: 500 gigs and 1 Terabyte. $299 and $499. New hardware from Apple. Great for backing up content. Ships in February.

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9: 19 AM PST: Microsoft is now shipping OfficeMac 2008. All of the big apps now native on Intel based Macs.

9: 17 AM PST: Jobs says "there's something in the air." A veiled reference to what many think is the new super slim Mac. Says Jobs: "Thank you for an extraordinary 2007. Thrilled to report we have delivered over 5 million copies of Leopard. 20 percent of Mac OSX has upgraded to Leopard."

9: 15 AM PST:

The event is opening with a new Happy New Year Mac vs. PC ad. Bad year for

Microsoft .

Great year for Apple. What have you got planned for the year, asks Mac. Says PC: copying everything you did in 2007. Ouch!

9: 13 AM PST: OK, here we go. Lights dimming. Let the fun begin!

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9:06 AM PST: Well, best laid plans. Looks like Apple's running a little behind schedule. Still waiting for the event to begin. I have never seen so many cameras at an Apple event. Well, any event! There must be at least 100 TV and blog cameras here. Truly extraordinary.

8:46 Am PST: Here we go with the live blog from Macworld. Hundreds of the Mac faithful began lining up in the wee hours this morning outside Moscone West in San Francisco. It was cold and foggy last night so these are the diehards. Steve Wozniak pulled up on his Segway; the comedian Sinbad just arrived.

It's a party, no question, and Steve Jobs is the guest of honor. Thousands are here to catch a glimpse of what's coming next and the anticipation is high.

I posted the purported "draft" of Jobs speech earlier. Apple officials say Jobs never writes out a "draft," that it's all done on the fly. Plus, no mention of the widely expected iTunes movie rental service so some are wondering just how legit the "draft" really is.

I'm told through sources that Jobs indeed will offer an update in iPhone sales to date. That should be interesting. And details about the oft-rumored slim laptop still appear very solid.

This should be fun!

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