Nail Taxi's Post-Show Blog

By Cinnamon Bowser

Being on the Big Idea with Donny was an incredible experience! The energy level in the green room was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Just having the opportunity to sit down and talk with experienced and proven entrepreneurs running multi-million dollar companies alone was great but actually receiving three thumbs up from Carly, John and Donny was phenomenal.

Special thanks to my segment producer Melanie and to Laura who hooked up my makeup to create some “glamosity” and to all the wonderful and helpful staff members who worked with us. They all are true and dedicated professionals.

Nail Taxi is a great young company already in five markets (Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Richmond, VA, and Washington, DC) and we would like to be in 105 markets including several international cities. Carly and John were very generous with their expertise during the show and have graciously offered to continue mentoring me and Nail Taxi. I will certainly take them up on their offer. Another shout out to Carly for the advertising and editorial coverage the network is going to give Nail Taxi. That really is priceless!

Today’s other guests, John Assaraf, Bonnie Brown and Kasey Duke, all have amazing stories. I am honored to have met all of them. Being in the company of these folks has truly inspired me and I am already at work implementing today’s suggestions and lessons learned to take Nail Taxi to the next level. I am so grateful for today’s appearance on the Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and am well on my way to making millions!

Thank you!

- Cinnamon

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