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By John Schegarian

It was an honor and privilege being on the The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. Donny is brilliant and genuinely warm! Donny’s entire team from Will to Melanie and everyone else made us feel immediately a part of the family. Thank you all for the great experience. Here are some of my favorite tips on what helped take me from welfare to millionaire. Please read and enjoy. If I can be of any help to anyone, you can contact me at

Tip #1 Green is Good which is our DNA at Electronic Recyclers. Be Green by making a profit everyday.

Tip #2 Be Authentic. Talk the talk and walk the walk. My first impression to everyone is my business card which is 1/3 the size of the typical business card and made with 1/3 less ink, 1/3 less energy and 1/3 less paper. Despite my card’s diminutive size, it delivers 120% of the message of who I am and what I represent. All our salespeople at Electronic Recyclers drive hybrid cars. Our factory lights are energy saving. Our forklifts are 100% electric. Our furniture is recycled.

Tip #3 Every time you want to give up or someone says no to you or your dream, just repeat these three words over and over again. Yes I Can. Yes I Can. YES I CAN!!!!

Tip #4 Every second counts. Tap into the fierce urgency of now. Don’t be the person most likely to succeed. Be the person most likely to PROCEED.

Tip #5 Be a beacon of hope. At Homeboy Tortillas we created hope of jobs for gang impacted youths in Los Angeles. At we created hope for student loans for America’s youth to get educated. At we create hope for wellness. At Electronic Recyclers we create hope for cleaning up the electronic waste crisis which is the fastest growing solid waste stream in the world!

Tip #6 Go to where tomorrow is. At all of my companies we were the first to do what we did. We were blazing a path and creating new paradigms while disrupting the status quo. That is how you know that you on to The Big Idea.

Tip #7 Create a Brand around your Big Idea. Homeboy,, and Electronic Recyclers are all the Top Brand in their sectors

Tip #8 Never let your circumstances be bigger than you. It is when your back is against the wall that you realize that FAILURE IS NEVER AN OPTION! Always go back to your mantra – Yes I can. Yes I can. YES I CAN!!

Tip #9 Stay humble. Take your work seriously but have fun along the way and don’t take yourself too seriously. If you look at our website – I actually make fun of myself by getting crushed by an electronic waste recycling machine. I get tons of positive comments about that self deprecation.

Tip #10 My favorite quote is by Martin Luther King, Jr. “Everyone can be great because everyone can serve”. If your business allows you to make a living and make a difference in society at the same time……. the world will beat a pathway to your door and then you know you are on to the next Big Idea!!!

Good Luck with your Big Idea!!

John Shegerian

Chairman/CEO Electronic Recyclers International

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