Macworld: What to Expect ... and Trade

Apple iPhone
Manuel Balce Ceneta
Apple iPhone

Apple's MacWorld conference, where CEO Steve Jobs takes the stage and unveils the company's latest offerings, is happening today in San Francisco.

It's an event that draws thousands of Apple fans. It also draws in hundreds of businesses hoping to cash in on Apple advances as well as investors hoping to cash in on Apple stock.

What should Consumers Expect? ...

"We're looking for the ultra portable, we looking for the video rental service, and we'd also be looking for some sort of software upgrade to the iPhone," said Andy Hargreaves, of Pacific Crest Securities.

We think the Apple TV, which is basically a home entertainment server, could get a big benefit off what Steve has to say," said David Garrity of Dinosaur Securities. (See Hargreaves and Garrity's full comments in the video at left).

Meanwhile Tom Krazit, who writes “One More Thing” for CNET Networks, told CNBC Apple is indeed expected to unveil ultra-thin laptops, something very sleek and stylish. But don’t expect to walk away with one for under 2-grand. (Read his full outlook here).

And for Investors?

Apple stock has suffered lately and there's been some negative talk about growth prospects in various segments, notes TechCheck blogger Jim Goldman. But for a company that's come so far, even negative can come off as positive.

Read the full TechCheck Blog on Apple's fundamentals debate here.

Investors, in the meantime, may want to think less about Apple and more about the companies that make their money off Apple, according to the traders appearing on CNBC's "Fast Money."

I like Adobe and EMC Corp. . Also look at Google , because it’s possible that Goggle will run on the Apple products, said Jon Najarian.

Another trader, Jeff Macke, suggested shorting Netflix .

Get the full "Fast Money" rundown here. will be hosting a live blog of the MacWorld event, starting around noon East Coast time.