Stocks to Help You Get Through a Recession

Talk of recession is on the rise, but there are still ways to make money in this market.

CNBC asked some of the pros how investors can protect their portfolios and increase their profits amid this market uncertainty.

A Healthy Recession Choice

“Obviously people continue to spend money on healthcare in a recession. If we do have a recession coming, that’s clearly one area, you know you don’t cut back on cancer drugs, you don’t cut back on healthcare, especially life-saving healthcare. Whether it’s a good economy or bad economy money continues to be spent in that area.”

Massocca recommends: Anesiva and BioMS

Steve Massocca, Pacific Growth Equities Co-CEO

Betting on Storage

“I think with Macworld playing out right now, you’re going to hear a lot today about the movie rentals and so forth, in other words anything that takes up that big a file is going to need some storage space, and so I think EMC is a great way to play that.”

Najarian recommends: EMC

Jon Najarian, Co-Founder

Getting Defensive With Dividends

“We believe that three strong areas are healthcare, which is really defensive in nature of an aging population and the more need for healthcare, technology, which we believe missed out on the last boom in the market the last five years, and then utility stocks because of the dividend play.”

Ron Kiddoo, Cozad Asset Management Chief Investment Officer

Going for the Gold

“There’s always reason to hedge with gold for the long term, but that percentage probably shouldn’t exceed 10% at this point.”

Jon Nadler, Kitco Bullion Dealers Montreal Senior Analyst

Financials & Consumer Discretionaries

“Historically, when you are in the midst of a Fed rate decrease campaign, financials outperform, consumer discretionaries outperform.”

David Dietze, Point View Financial Services