Congress And The Mitchell Report: Swing And A Miss


Hearing On Assessing Veterans' Charities -- Part II"

"Hearing to Examine Mortgage CEO Severance Packages"

"Investigation Into EPA's Denial Of State Greenhouse Gas Regulations Advances"

My friends, the preceding agenda is why members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform spent the day talking to George Mitchell, Bud Selig and Don Fehr about performance-enhancing drugs. Talking about sports is fun. Talking about sports is different. Much different from their usual agenda, which you can see from above.

But today was a waste of time. Why?

Because this committee should be spending their days doing the boring -- frankly, more important--stuff. Not only is it good for them to explore recent topics like "Pakistani Elections: Will They Be Free and Fair or Fundamentally Flawed?" and "Will Increased Postal Rates Put Mailers Out Of Business?" but I'm sure they can do a better job talking about these topics.

I'm at least relieved by the fact that most of the representatives did very little background work for today. Judging from the questions of most, not only did they fail to read most of the Mitchell Report, but they also appear not to have been briefed by their aides. How do you possibly read the report and still ask the question, "How would characterize how much the players cooperated here?"

And while we're at it:

It's pronounced "See-leg," not "Sell-Iig"
It's pronounced "Fear," not "Fer."
It's pronounced "Say-Gee," not "See-Gee"
It's pronounced "Tay-hada," not "Ta-Heda"

I'll admit, it's going to be fun watching the players -- especially Roger Clemens -- deal with Congress next month. But given the fact that fans have voted with their wallets and they clearly don't care (see a record 79.5 million fans this year attending games), I really know that this committee should get back to topics like "Assessing the state of Iraqi corruption" and "FEMA preparedness in 2007 and beyond."

Questions? Comments?