Fast Message - We Answer Your Questions


Time to sort through the Fast Money in-box and answer more of your questions.

A viewer writes, “What do you think of Starbucks with the return of Howard Schultz as CEO?”

I love it at these levels replies Jeff Macke. Build a position. In fact, I like Starbucks more than McDonald’s and that’s a huge shift for me, he adds.


Michael Eisner, CNBC host and former Disney CEO surprises the traders with an impromptu visit to celebrate the show's one year anniversary. “One year on TV is like a century,” says Eisner.

Readers, the conversation is very funny but blogging it just wouldn’t do it justice. Please watch the video – you’ll enjoy it.

Also check out the video to see exclusive greetings from GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt and World Wresting Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon.

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