Mad Mail: What to Do With Wachovia?

Booyah Cramer!: Help! I broke the golden rule and let too much Wachovia stock accumulate in my retirement portfolio. Now, I'm stuck, like probably a lot of other investors who are overweight the financials. Do I diversify now while the stock is low and take the hit, or do I wait a bit for the financials to bounce back? Maybe sell out over time? Help! From someone who should know better -- Daryl from Pennsylvania

Cramer says: "You're going to sell it over time. Don't panic. Don't sell it all at once. But that's a lesson for you -- you can't play Stock Market. You have to start doing it tomorrow."


Dear Cramer: I know consumer spending is supposed to be decreasing, but what about Harley-Davidson? It has great brand recognition, and sales are picking up overseas. With a dividend yield of almost 3% and a price-to-earnings-growth ratio of 0.93 (not to mention the beating the stock took in 2007), don't you think it is undervalued? --Joe in Florida

Cramer says: "Yeah, it's undervalued. So many other stocks are undervalued, too. There's absolutely no catalyst. What's the point? I've got 6,000 stocks in the Naked City and all of them are undervalued."

This isn't for just for's for you and your staff...How do you keep the laughter from drowning out the Big Guy? I occasionally have to pick myself off my floor from laughing, yet I only hear a whimper from all of you on the side. You guys rock! I think everyone would be interested in seeing a behind-the-scenes preparation for Mad Money. I would just like to see you all sitting there with the gags or rags you all have in your mouths when Jim is doing his thing. Are all the financial guys madmen? I worked for one (Jim's opponent), and they all act the same. Thanks again for making Jim look so good. --Joe

Cramer says: "Every night I come out here, and everybody in this staff makes me look good every single night. And yes, I will tell the truth: even on a down 277 day, we have the greatest time on earth here every night. I cannot wait until we start the show every night, because it's the most fun thing I have ever done, and I hope my staff feels the same way."

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