Hear More About Nadine & Corinne Purdy's Story!

By Nadine & Corinne Purdy

Being on the Donny Deutsch show has been an enriching experience that has given Nadine and I a chance to reflect on how far we have actually come. Sometimes it requires something like a talk show to get us to stop, reflect, and look at our lives, and see just how lucky we are to have each other. Looking back the road has been long and hard, but sheer perseverance and tenacity seems to be the glue that had bound us together.

Our story first became public in 1996 when it debuted in the Sunday city section of New York Times. I’ll never forget the phone call I got at the crack of dawn that morning when Jim Abernathy, touched by Nadine’s story, was on the other end of the line offering her a full scholarship to the Caron Foundation. That was the beginning of a very long journey of recovery.

From that time 11 years ago the media has followed our story of two sisters sticking together through thick and thin, facing the obstacles of drug addiction, having everything, loosing everything, having a dream and building that dream together from the ground up. Thinking back to several years ago, neither of us could ever imagine being where we are today. There was a time when success was a long up-hill road with no end in sight and it certainly wasn’t easy. Some say that it’s difficult for family to work together in business, but add to that our history and one can only imagine that there were times when we simply just wanted to kill each other. No, it hasn’t always been easy, but when we’ve been knocked to the ground and kicked in the teeth we’ve gotten back up. Through unyielding persistence both personally and in business so many hurdles and challenges have been faced and conquered.

It has been a great source of satisfaction to know that we have over the years from appearing on Dateline NBC, Oprah, Maury Povich, and the Liza show been able to inspire and motivate other people to persevere and turn their life struggles into success stories too. We have received many letters, poems and phone calls. What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. We choose our struggles so that we can grow in this life, as our struggles are learning opportunities. We somehow should be grateful for our hardships. Today, Nadine and I are fulfilling our dream together. We have paid our dues and worked hard, we are still connected by the hip, sharing our goals and vision of success. Our road is less rocky, our successes are greater and we have turned our vision into a reality.

We have created three shops in Manhattan called Purdy Girl. We offer everything a girl needs to look and feel fabulously PURDY. Our shops truly are a combined effort of our creative vision and we both whole-heartedly agree that our aim is to provide our customers with a fun and exciting girly shopping experience. We aim to bring out the best in every woman’s style, with a dress for every and any occasion. Today we advocate addiction, but only to fashion. Our customers return again and again to seek out what is new every week.

Our dream today has been realized, we have created a business that is successful and fully viable in how we have modeled and run our business. It is our aim at this point to seek strategic community and business alliance opportunities, which will enable us to grow Purdy Girl to a nationally recognized brand. We are confident that we have a well-received product that is in demand.

If anyone would like to contact either Nadine or myself please feel free to email me at:



We hope that our story will continue to inspire others as we continue to grow as sisters and as a brand.

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